Essays and Writings

These are the many thoughts that I have tried to put into writing.

space filling processes

A concept that plays around in my head is the idea of “space filling processes” which is a class of things that if given space

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A Goalpost That Does Not Care

I wanna actually learn again. I don’t want goals that doesn’t care about the quality of work anymore. I want to learn with actual feedback mechanisms.

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Sitting Meditation

I remember very vividly. It was a bumpy ride, I take deep breaths with my palm resting on my knees. I focus my sensation from the top of my head to the tip of my fingertips.

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Neo Zone by Rimuru Tempest

Early in the pandemic. NCT 127 released their third album, Neo Zone, and also I just caught up to the latest Tensei Shitara Suraimu Datta Ken. Somehow, they’ve mixed inside of my head now.

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The Intersection

If you would be interested, my dear friend. Please do make yourself comfortable. Let me tell you a story of what has happened to me these past few years.

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The Eldritch Sea Within

I’m gonna have to learn how to seal Nobu and the infinite sea of eldritch sea that he has absorbed and made part of himself aren’t I.

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