Essays and Writings

These are the many thoughts that I have tried to put into writing.

I am a Paladin

I am a paladin without an oath. What I offer is loyalty and faith towards the shared ideals we create together. Would you like to work on our longest collaborative project together with me?

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I Feel Like I’m Going Insane Today

Maybe I just miss my kaicamp friends. Maybe I just miss amir. Maybe I just miss the ingroup that I had back during covid. Maybe I’m just at the end of a period and I need to put to rest what has had, and move on to something new.

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The Year Starts on a Monday

I don’t have a 2023 recap unlike my last two years. I feel like the next 5 month will be full of introspection and recaps from the last 5 years and so I didn’t write one.

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The Nobuparty

Good Evening, “Nobuparty” was a 12 month sociological study conducted by Universitas Indonesia. We are now complete with our study. Thank you for your time.

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the base of everything, my entire philosophy of life and death, one that encompasses everything between heaven and earth, is the breath.

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The Workshop is A Mess

Crouched down with my hands on my face, I look at the many design schematics laid on top of a wooden table in the middle of a room.

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