You might know me from my irl endeavours as Yudhis, but if you came from anywhere else you might have known me as Nobu, or Hibiki, or other names. This space serve as the central node for my interest, which varies from my economics studies, educational aspirations, psychological and spiritual explorations, to more simple things like music taste and manga recommendations.

I was homeschooled since birth and I wrote about it in my native language, Indonesian. The book is called Pembelajar Mandiri and it tells my experience as a live long self-educated learner and a homeschooler in Indonesia. You can read more about it here, and if you’re local you can get the book on TokopediaShopee, or Rumah Inspirasi!

I’m currently finishing my studies at the Faculty of Business and Economics at Universitas Indonesia. Other “professional” skills I have is tech, doing game design, front-end, programming outreach events, and interning as a junior data scientist back before uni. I also have some skills graphic design with different branching interest in 3D, Architecture Visualization, UI/UX, and Web Design.


I currently have two forms of writing, one is the clean, essay form of writing that is more polished and usually written with a certain goal in mind, and the other is my pour-and-get-it-out-of-my-head writing over at 1000 in 1000. Here are a few recent ones!

I am a Paladin

I am a paladin without an oath. What I offer is loyalty and faith towards the shared ideals we create together. Would you like to

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Get In Contact

I might put other things here if I have other things. If you have any need to get in contact, reach out over DM at my Twitter!