Sitting Meditation

I remember very vividly the bus ride home from the Tergar meditation event where I learned about sitting meditations. It was a bumpy ride. I take a few deep breaths with my palm resting on my knees. I focus my sensation from the top of my head to the tip of my fingertips. I sense the air conditioning blow air off my hair, the difference in temperature between my ears and the air surrounding it. I sense the rocking of the bus on my torso and arms as the reverberate from my butt where it touches the firm plastic-y seat I was sitting on. The pressure from the ball of my foot touches on the rubbery floor of my shoe with fabric squirming in the middle from my thin socks. I hear the rumbling of the engine hum around me, in particular from the rickety iron bar next to my head that is used as a handlebar next to the window. The cacophony of noises, muffled from the dense outside full of traffic. I can smell a faint perfume from a lady two seats away, and also a fragrant of what I describe as car smell, a little rubbery, hint of pine. I held it for around 30 minutes during the ride home, with breaks in between to make sure I don’t miss where I’m stopping at.

Something clicked. At that moment I knew that I have learned something life changing. Ones which lessons will permeate through my every action.

I can bring myself back here anytime I want to.

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