Day 88/365: One Cube Challenge 2

Today i continue to challenge my self to get my creativity flowing with Mike Pan’s One Cube Challenge. Previously i created a Top using some subdivision modifier and a lattice which you can see here: One Cube Challenge 1. Today i created an abstract image using only the cube and some modifier.

The rules of the One Cube Challenge:

Not Allowed:

  • More than 1 cube object
  • Any modelling of the cube
  • Curves, Surfaces, Metaballs and Texts when used as on-screen geometry


  • Any number of Emptys, Lattices, Lights, Cameras, Groups, Modifiers, and Particles.
  • Curves and Surfaces when they are not being used directly as visible geometry.
  • Weight painting is the exception to the ‘No editing of base mesh’ rule and is allowed.
  • Post-processing as long as the modifications do not introduce any significantly new visual element.

Here is the result:

Day 2CompS


Day 2

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