Day 85/365: One Cube Challenge 1

Today i tried to do the One Day Challenge that Mike Pan challenge him self to be as creative as he can with only one cube. There are a few rules for this challenge. Here are the rules:

Not Allowed:

  • More than 1 cube object
  • Any modelling of the cube
  • Curves, Surfaces, Metaballs and Texts when used as on-screen geometry


  • Any number of Emptys, Lattices, Lights, Cameras, Groups, Modifiers, and Particles.
  • Curves and Surfaces when they are not being used directly as visible geometry.
  • Weight painting is the exception to the ‘No editing of base mesh’ rule and is allowed.
  • Post-processing as long as the modifications do not introduce any significantly new visual element.

This time i tried to mimic his top which take quite a while because it’s my first time to dabble around the scene without editing the cube at all. Using purely the modifier stack and some emptys to create it. Here is the result:

Day 1CompS

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