Day 69/365: Architecture Academy Module 10 Finish

Today i finished the final module of the Architecture Academy. Today i continue the log cabin by creating the nature that’s surround the cabin. This part is really resource intensive because of the million of vertices.

There are 4 part of the nature that’s i create. First is the trees which is provided by Andrew, there are about 10 trees that’s real and a particle emitter with a low poly version of the trees to keep the memory low.

The Second part is the grass, which cover the ground. There are four layer of grass type, Grass, Fern, Weeds, and Water Plants. All of this is a sample of the Gold and Platinum Models pack so instead of the 25 models we only get 1.

Third part is random element of the scene, for instance is the tree bark, or the stones. This tiny things will add up to make the scene more beautiful.

Fourth part and the last part is the water which i have a little bit of trouble for the material. The only difference for this module and the previous one are that for the compositing. For this one i need to create a new scene then composite it instead of the usual way which i composite it at the same blend file as the models. Here is the render and some screenshots.


M10 SS7

M10 SS6

M10 SS8

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