Day 6/365: Module 1 Architecture Academy Complete!

So today was the second day learning from the Architecture Academy and i decided that i was gonna do some of the tutorial in Module 1. So i started downloading the tutorial so i can view them from the VLC player which has the ability to make the sound go over 100%. I downloaded all of them thinking, “I’ll download all of them than do one video a day”. Then i started the first tutorial which was making the basic architecture of the house and that was like 20 minute. Seeing that it was so short, i decided that i’ll do the next one. Which made me do all of them.

Well…. that’s great but what am i gonna do for the next 5 days i have? Well the good news is that Andrew Price has given us a lot of tutorial and project i can do. So for the next 5 days i will be doing the homework which is recreating a scene from a photograph, which is a first for me.

For the finished result of Module 1 i render it at 500 sampling with CPU because apparently my CPU is a little bit faster than my GPU which is weird. Render at 1920 x 1080 pixel on 100% and a some Post Processing using blender’s internal Compositor. Here is the finished result:


And down here is some screenshot of the steps:

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 3

Screenshot 4

Screenshot 1

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