Day 36/365: Architecture Academy Module 5 Homework Start

Today i started to do the homework for Andrew Price’s fifth module. In this module he teach how to create a kitchen so that’s what i’m creating. Just like the previous homework he give us 3 choice to do and i’m creating the medium which is the “San Francisco Kitchen & Bath” from Houzz.

The building that i pick isn’t that hard it’s just a matter of time before i get the ball rolling but for the mean time it’s pretty slow mostly because of the lack of blueprint. The longest part to do is the modelling of the cabinet door, which is more of a repetitive thing.

And in the end i just smacked in some lighting and some windows to make sure i can get a renders to show. Here is some screenshot and a render.

SS M5 H P1

SS M5 H P2

SS M5 H P3

Render 1S

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