Day 34/365: Architecture Academy Module 5

Today i started the month with the fifth module of the Architecture Academy. In this course i created a kitchen from scratch.

This course has the most tutorial from the one i have done with 7 part which is really nice because i can cut the session every two tutorial then rest for a drink or take a walk. All the part was divided in roughly about 30 minutes each and is relatively simple.

There is a lot to do in this kitchen and it really surprised me when i see the difference between the first blend file and the last render. There are 4 render, 3 raw and 1 composite. Here is the result:

Render 4 S

Here is some test render and screenshot from part 1-7:

Render 1

Render 2

Render 3 S


SS M5 P1 1

SS M5 P2 1

SS M5 P3 1

SS M5 P4 1

SS M5 P5 1

SS M5 P6 1

SS M5 P7 1

SS M5 P7 2


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