Day 15/365: Architecture Academy Module 2 Homework Progress 1

Today i’m gonna show you about my progress in Architecture Academy’s Second Module Homework. Today i finished the material for the object and the lighting for the scene.

Most of these are recycled material from the original project for the second module, with a little bit of tweaking of course. I’ve also finished the pool and the texturing of the ground, which is sand. For the ground textures i used CrazyBump to generate the Normal, Displacement, and Occlusion maps.

For the glass i was using the Window Generator 2 which is really nice for creating windows and such. This is an add-on for Blender which allow you to create and modify a window with just a couple clicks. And for the background i was using the Serpentine Valley HDR from sIBL Free achive, which you can see here: sIBL. Here is the screenshot and the render.



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