Day 14/365: Architecture Academy Homework Start

Today i continue yesterday struggle to render the Architecture Academy’s Second Module. As of yesterday i was trying to render that beast of a scene with 6 million strands and 1.5 million vertices.

I’ve tried to use the GPU and the CPU and changing a bunch of setting, asked people from the academy plus the blender group, and still no luck. So i decided to use Linux Ubuntu. For those of you who don’t know this, people have tested it and prove that Linux (Ubuntu, Mint) is a little bit faster and have better RAM handling like you can see from this post: Window vs Linux.

So first i installed Blender using Ubuntu’s terminal. To install it i use “sudo apt-get install blender” without the¬†quotation mark. Of course before that don’t forget to do “sudo apt-get update”. After that i load my scene which is a little bit faster than using windows. Once i got everything setup i gone and render the whole thing and… still crashed.

So i did a massive overhaul to the scene and change the appended foliage to linked. The reason why i use link instead of append is because of the memory usage is lower with linking. I don’t know the exact math but from a bunch of tutorial that’s what they say. With that the scene lower the file size from 800 mb to about 200. Render that and… crashed.

And because of that i was desperate and really, there is nothing i can do since it’s a hardware problem so… i decided to stop the second module because I’ve got the essence of the module and so i started the homework. It was hard to do homework like we all know but it was nice that the site that the photo was being showcase actually has some blueprint and clay render of the building. So this is all i got from today.



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