Day 13/365: Architecture Academy Module 2 Finish?

Today i continue to do the assignment for the Architecture Academy’s Second Module. In this part we started to create the grass which will make the ground look beautiful. Other than grass we will also add some flowers and some dead leaves to make it look more natural.

Everything in the ground will be using the Particle Emitter with Hair. For the grass i was using strands which is new because when i was using the Hair Particle i will always use an object to render instead of the strands. For the flowers and dead leaves we was using hair render with group or object render.

It was looking good at the start, but when i tried to render everything… it crashed. It crashed even when i’m using the CPU. The problem was in the grass. It took 300000 (Three hundred thousand) hair particle plus the 20 children particle which mean 300000*20 and that is 6 Million Particle!! So i tried from the evening until night to render the thing and still no luck. So all i can give here is the screenshot of the scene. Tomorrow i’ll try to render this thing in Ubuntu.


No hair for obvious reason

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