Day 12/365: Architecture Academy Module 2 Start

Today i just started the second module for the Architecture Academy. In this module i’m learning about the way to create an exterior scene which cover stuff like blocking out, material, grunge and the foliage. This module have 6 video which each is about 30 minutes to a hour long except the second one which is about 1 hour 30 minutes because of the materials.

As with the last module i tried to finished every thing in the module today so i can work on the homework starting tomorrow, but a combination of the nice and cold air which have been dwelling around my house because of the rain and the tiredness of looking at a bunch of nodes i slept for like 4 hour which is more than i want.

So today i only finished until part 4 which is the foliage and that part took the longest to load because of the large files which increase from 1 mb to about 600 mb, and that’s a lot. I think the hardest part when i will be doing the homework is the materials since the longer i do that the better it looks. This is some screenshot of the scene from part 1 to part 4:

Screenshot Part 1 1

Screenshot Part 2

Screenshot Part 3

Screenshot Part 4

And this is the current result:


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